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As a professional Model, Actress, Dancer, Reporter and Motivational Speaker, Brittney Sharaun is a multifaceted talent! Determined to be more than just a pretty face, Brittney Sharaun is a continuous work in progress and strives to live to her full potential in every area of her life. At the young age of 23 the bubbly television personality and California State University student is on her way to success and longevity in the Media Entertainment industry. She is best known as “Sharaun” from her appearance on Tyra Bank’s hit reality television show “Americas Next Top Model”.

Brittney wanted a well thought out and properly executed branding strategy, establish her as the leading, Top Female Youth Motivational Speaker, Model, Humanitarian and the next big young television personality of our time. Brittney have been doing it all over the years in quiet but now is the time to bring all that she is and have been doing to the light so that others can see it and instantly get it. Brittney needed a well established brand so that she could continue to do what was doing but on a larger scale and with more opportunities coming her way. She wanted people to go to the website and instantly understand Who she is, What she is doing and Where she is going.

Brittney Sharaun
Los Angeles
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